A Full Day At Materuni Waterfalls

A Full Day At Materuni Waterfalls : Are you thinking of having a safari to Moshi and still wondering where to go? Moshi is an incredibly thrilling tourist destination in the northern part of Tanzania, endowed with spectacles, one of which is the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro. When it comes to choosing the place for a trip in Moshi, some travelers just think that Mount Kilimanjaro is all they need to know about Moshi, which is totally false. Moshi has the finest places for spending your day while enjoying adventurous safari in the Northern Safari Circuit.

Materuni Waterfalls are merely a natural beauty that decorates this dazzling safari town. It is just 15 kilometers away from Moshi town, and it found in Materuni village, which lies on the gentle slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Getting to Materuni village is very easy and affordable. It will take you just 45 minutes to reach there by car from Moshi town. If you coming from Arusha, Materuni is a about 1.5-hour drive. From your hotel in Moshi town, you book a taxi or travel in public buses, “daladala” which will drive you to the office in Materuni village. From Arusha city, you can also take private taxi or public bus through Moshi town to Materuni village.

Materuni waterfalls are gorgeous for taking photos, bathing and swimming. You can hike this wonderful feature privately or on a group safari. For an unforgettable hike to Materuni waterfalls, you will have to start your hike from Moshi at around 9 a.m. You will reach the village 45 minutes later. Upon reaching there, you can pay a village fee to the office and proceed with your thriving hike.

A hike to Materuni waterfalls is always combined with a coffee tour and a Chagga lunch. The residents of Materuni village are the charming Chagga people; they are good at producing high-quality coffee. A coffee tour when booked, will make you witness (and participate if you want) all the necessary steps of turning a coffee bean into a coffee mug. The whole process if processing coffee is full of vibes as the locals sing nice songs to keep the spirit up and work without fatigue. After having it prepared, a cup of coffee is made for you to have that privilege of tasting it. After a coffee break, you may ask for a special Chagga lunch from your guide.

Apart from witnessing the Materuni waterfalls, the residents of Materuni village often have a surprise for you; a Chagga lunch-yes, a sweet cuisine made of banana, yams, soup, vegetables, and chicken what they call “mtori”. You can choose to have it in local “migahawa” (a Swahili word for cafes) or under the tree shades just to have a memory.

Walking in the Materuni village is a once-in-a-lifetime feeling, as you will chat with the locals on your way to places like markets and shops. Materuni village is elevated at 1300 meters above sea level making it a hiking destination before and after your Kilimanjaro climb.

A Full Day At Materuni Waterfalls
materuni waterfall

Materuni Waterfalls cost

Knowing about the fees that you will have to pay when entering Materuni village is very important during your trip plans. The first charge is the village fee, which is usually charged by the village office once you enter the village. Transport facilities such as daladala, bodaboda, and taxi have to stop here first so that you can pay the fee and move on. The village fee is 10,000 TZS, or 5 USD per adult, and it varies according to the size of the group. The office may also have special offers or packages for children.

The coffee tour and Chagga lunch may cost you around 10,000 TZS and 25,000 TZS, respectively. If you organize a tour by the help of a tour operating company, all costs will be included in your itinerary.

Your full-day hike to Materuni waterfalls can be e combined with a visit to the Kikuletwa Hotsprings, where you can boil an egg. After having a remarkable and unforgettable day at Materuni waterfalls, you can visit other spectacular destinations such as Kilimanjaro National Park, Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Serengeti National Park, and Lake Manyara National Park. Booking a safari to Tanzania is simple. You can choose a reliable tour operator who will organize everything, including travel costs and Tanzania safari packages.

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