Accommodations At Lake Natron

Accommodations At Lake Natron : Greetings from Tanzania’s Lake Natron, a popular tourist spot renowned for its unusual scenery and wide variety of fauna. We’ll look at the top lodging options in this blog for your trip to Lake Natron in 2024–2025. Every traveler’s taste and budget can be accommodated with a variety of options, from opulent resorts to environmentally friendly campgrounds. Let’s find the best accommodations so you can enjoy your trip to this amazing region of Tanzania to the fullest.


Africa Safari Lake Natron

Luxurious safari lodge Africa Safari Lake Natron is situated in northern Tanzania, halfway between two of the country’s most significant safari parks. It’s an ideal starting point for exploring the several salt and soda lakes or going to the most significant Lesser Flamingo breeding site on the planet. Comfortable safari accommodations featuring a king-size bed and an en suite toilet are available at the Africa Safari Lake Natron. Alternatively, have the ultimate glamping experience in a glamping safari accommodation featuring a roomy covered veranda and an opulent washroom.

Lake Natron Tented Camp

Where: Natron Lake Tented Camp Overlooks Lake Natron, which is home to thousands of lesser flamingos and is one of the most significant flamingo breeding sites on Earth. It is located at the foot of Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania’s sole active volcano (the Mountain of God in Maasai).

 Accommodations: Lake Natron Tented Camp offers nine semi-luxurious guest tents tucked away in a grove of trees. Each tent is equipped with running water, electricity, a private verandah, a bathroom with a shower, sink, and flush toilet, as well as comfy beds with mosquito netting.

Additional amenities and services include a restaurant and bar, a natural swimming pool, internet access, fly camping, Maasai cultural tours, Lake Natron excursions featuring flamingo viewing, waterfall hikes, escorted nature walks to the springs along the Engare Sero River, the Ol Doinyo Lengai climb, and the opportunity to unwind and swim in the pristine stream.

Lake Naton Camp

Location: About 240 kilometers northwest of Arusha town, Lake Natron Camp is situated next to Ol Doinyo Lengai, Tanzania’s only active volcano, at the southern end of Lake Natron in the Great Rift Valley. Up to Mto wa Mbu at Lake Manyara, which is 120 kilometers or two hours away from Arusha, the road is paved. From Lake Manyara, it takes around three hours to go to Lake Natron via an unpaved road.

 Ten sleeping tents, a common tent housing the kitchen, dining, and lounge areas, a staff tent, and a bar make up the camp’s accommodations. The Bedu shade nets that were concealed were specifically made for the Natron region. During the day, the Bedu shade nets shield visitors from strong gusts and help them stay cool.

Every sleeping tent contains a full-size bed, high-quality blankets and linens, tables, chairs, and a private bathroom with a compost toilet and running water. Each tent has a private path that leads to a naturally formed bathing pool in the stream fed by springs.

 Facilities and Services: Originally created by environmentalist Tim Leach, Lake Natron Camp is still run as a very low-impact eco-camp with many additional enhancements under Summits Africa’s new ownership and administration. There are no erect buildings, no bricks made of cement, and no wooden platforms. For drinking, water is filtered through a desalination filter after being physically pumped straight from the spring for bathing. In order to minimize or completely eliminate carbon emissions and prevent noise pollution from generators, solar power is widely used.

The hominid footprints and Lake Natron, home to over a million flamingos during breeding season, are both easily accessible on foot. The lodge can organize walks up the Engare Sero Gorge for half or full days, leading to multiple waterfalls, as well as an exciting hike to Ol Doinyo Lengai (2890 meters), an active carbonatite volcano offering breathtaking views.

Accommodations At Lake Natron
Lake Naton Camp

Ngaro Sero Lake Natron Camp

You can enjoy organic, locally sourced meals at Ngaro Sero Lake Natron Tented Camp that feature both African and foreign cuisine. Enjoying a delightful cup of Tanzanian coffee or tea in the morning helps you wake up and greet the new day. You can choose from cooked eggs, bread, cereal, fresh fruit, jams, honey, and much more in the mess tent.

Massai Giraffe Eco Lodge

One of East Africa’s newest and most distinctive lodging options is the Maasai Giraffe Campsite and Lodge, which is situated in Engaresero, a small Maasai village in northern Tanzania. This campsite is well located to enjoy a variety of recreational activities and guarantees that you will feel close to nature and the creatures that the area has to offer. It is situated between Lake Natron, Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti.

The name Maasai Giraffe comes from the fact that visitors can enjoy the sight of giraffes and zebras every morning as they pass by outside the lodge on their way to the lake for water, just a short distance from Lake Natron. The Maasai people of this region still follow their traditional pastoral practices, caring for their cattle and relocating them in accordance with the passing of the seasons. The tried-and-true methods used by the Maasai are good for ecology and wildlife protection. Thus, Engaresero has been recognized by the United Nations Organization as a globally significant Agricultural Heritage Systems site (GIAHS).


There are several lodging options available at Lake Natron to fit every traveler’s needs and price range. Lake Natron offers an unforgettable experience, whether you decide to camp beneath the stars, stay in a cozy tented lodge, adopt eco-friendly habits in an eco-lodge, enjoy luxury in an upmarket resort, or become fully immersed in the local way of life by participating in a homestay. Select a choice from the available options and relish the serenity and beauty of this exceptional location.

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