An Unforgettable Honeymoon Safari

An Unforgettable Honeymoon Safari : Everyone won’t like to mess up on the first date after marriage. What next after that big awaited event of marriage vows of not wishing to separate from each other in either times of joy or sadness. After being pronounced as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, Tanzania (Zanzibar being inclusive) could be the best option for you to enjoy your honeymoon, as it is the leading destination for honeymoon safaris in Tanzania.

If “is Tanzania a good destination for honeymoon safaris?” is a question to me, I already have its answer, which is obviously a yes. Tanzania is a super destination for honeymooners with thousands of options to crash it. Would you like to spend your honeymoon in the Tanzanian wilderness, white sandy beaches or climbing the highest peak in Africa. If you are looking for an excellent hotspot for spending your precious honeymoon, here are some nice picks for you.


If you want spend your honeymoon on of the finest islands, I would recommend you to pick Zanzibar as your first stop. Zanzibar is a spice island, a thrilling destination situated in the East African coast with the finest beaches in the world and stunning remains of torn houses and forts which represent oldest mixed architecture of the Swahili, Arabs and Portuguese. It is also home to one of the World Heritage Sites; the famous Stone Town. Stone Town is locally called “Mji Mkongwe”, (a Swahili word for old town). This Stone Town shows the architectural designs of Arabians, Persians, Indians and British. You will enjoy doing water sports in the shallow beaches and sunbathing in the clean sand of Zanzibar beaches. You and your loved one also can book a trip to the spices where you will enjoy the views of these historical trees. Their existence dates back to the Portuguese and Arabian invasion.

Forodhani Market is another thrilling location to visit while on your honeymoon safari. Here you will have a chance to taste delicious cuisines made by the locals. Other places to visit on your safari in Zanzibar include Jozani Forest, Forodhani Market, House of Wonders, the Old Fort and many others.

Serengeti National Park

This is one of the favorite spot for honeymooners in Tanzania. In Serengeti you can do thrilling events that will leave a memory in your life including;

Bush dining – This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that honeymooners experience while in Serengeti. You can order to your hotel or tented camp staff to organize a bush dinner for your lover. Eating that delicious food escorted by the superb sounds of the wilderness is very exciting.

Hot air balloon safari – if you wish to explore Serengeti on a ‘bird’s eye’ angle, hot air balloon is a nice one for you. Floating on air with your loved one while enjoying the scenic views of wild animals and nature is absolutely sensational.

Mount Kilimanjaro

This is another marvelous stop for honeymooners who want to earn a trophy during their honeymoon. Reaching the summit of this world’s tallest mountain is something to be remembered forever in the minds of honeymooners. The highest peak, Uhuru peak is on Kibo at 5895 meters above the sea level. Witnessing a sunrise at 5895 meters on glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro is unforgettable experience.

Lake Manyara

One of the superb destinations for honeymooners is this stunning soda lake situated in the northern part of Tanzania. In this park, honeymooners will enjoy various activities including;

Canoeing – this is always done in Lake Manyara to discover aquatic animals like fishes and enjoying the scenic of this alkaline lake. Honeymooners will sit in a canoe while enjoying some spectacular scenes.

An Unforgettable Honeymoon Safari
Honeymoon Safari

Canopy treetop walkway – it is in Lake Manyara National Park where you can have an exceptional walk on the top of trees. A walkway is made at about 30 meters above the soil for visitors to enjoy the attractive vegetation.

A cultural tour – you can enjoy learning the Maasai’s famous cultural practices by a planning a tour around the Mto wa Mbu village. The Maasai are charming and welcoming to visitors, and they always perform fascinating traditional performances when asked to. The societies are endowed with handicraft skills and they create best quality products like sandals, woven basket and other art crafts.

Kitulo National Park

Most honeymooners are fans of flowers. I would like to introduce you to the “Serengeti of flowers”, yes the Kitulo National Park. Located in the southern part of Tanzania this park is a hidden gem for those who want to enjoy viewing the flora species. You will also the rarest species of monkeys, Kipunji monkeys which are encountered in the Mount Livingstone ranges.

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