Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is located in the Northern circuit of Tanzania, and it is few minutes’ drive from Arusha town which makes the park a best place for a day trip. The park is endowed with different attractions such as Momela lake, flamingos, Mount Meru and the thrilling environment of diverse plants, animals and bird species. 

Arusha can be accessed through land and air, due to the availability of different airstrips such as Dolly airstrip, Moshi airstrip and airports like Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) and Arusha airport. All visitors landing in these airstrips or airports are having easy access to Arusha national park. 

Arusha national park is a small park with about 552square kilometers and it Is the park with high population of giraffes (long necked animals). For the park having small area make it possible for clients to participate in all activities in the park and return bark to Arusha town for overnight, it is not must for a visitor to accommodate him or herself in the park.

Activities in Arusha National Park


Due to the presence of the Momela lake in the park some visitors prefer canoeing activity which make them see different animals like water bucks and birds easily.

Game drives

Arusha national Park is preferred as a best place where the game drive can be done without any disturbance, during game drives different animals like giraffes, elephants and monkeys can be seen, also a beautiful view of Mount Meru where all these makes your visit to the park memorable.

Walking safaris

The best and safe park for walking safari is Arusha national park where visitors have chance to walk on the natural trails going around hills of Mount Meru and enjoy the fresh air of the park and see different animals like colobus, birds and recognize different plant species (for the plants lovers) at the closest view.

Bird watching

The presence of more than 400 species of birds including flamingos, Hadada Ibis, Greater and Lesser pink flamingo, African fish eagle, Hamerkop and Pelican make the park the best place for bird watching and the best time for bird watching is from October to April. 

Mount Meru climb

For the visitors where adventures tours are the best, apart from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro they can also climb Mount Meru where it is located in Arusha national park. The mountain is located 70kilometers wet of Mount Kilimanjaro and has the height of 4,562.13meters.

Attractions in Arusha National Park


The park has more than 400species of birds which make it the best place for birdwatching activity and study area for birds.

Scenic environment

Arusha National Park has a stunning environment due to different species available at the park such as colorful birds which make the park shine and very beautiful with fresh hair.


Animals like Giraffes, waterbucks, Elephants, colobus monkeys, varieties of plants and birds make the park ecosystem.

Momela lakes

These are alkaline shallow lakes located in Arusha national park formed as a result of volcanic eruption of Mount Meru around 250,000 years ago. Mainly seven which are Small Momela, Big Momela, Kusare, Lekandiro, Tulusia El Kekhotoito and Rishateni. Many different animals can be seen around the lakes during canoeing activity.

Ngurdoto Crater

Ngurdoto Crater is a swampy crater with a large population of animals which make it a popular stop for game drives. Around this crater animals like baboons, monkeys, elephants, warthogs, buffalo and antelopes can be seen. Animals are in the forest surround it known as a Ngurdoto forest where a large number of black and white colobus monkeys inhabit.

Mount Meru

This is a dormant volcano mountain located 70kilometers in the west of Mount Kilimanjaro with the height of 4,562.13meters. it is the fifth highest mountain peak in Africa located in Arusha city Tanzania. The mountain is clearly visible when in Mount Kilimanjaro during day time. The activities conducted around the mountain are walking safaris and hiking.

Accommodations in Arusha National Park

Since the park is not big that much day trips are enhanced therefore one is not forced to overnight in the park but in Arusha city as it takes about one hour drive from the city to the park which make easy for a visitor to choose either overnighting in the park to lodges like Hatari Lodge, or hotels in Arusha town like Rivertrees country Inn, Kili Vila, Lemala Vila, Mount Meru Game Lodge, Arusha Serena, Arumeru River Lodge, Fun Retreat Resort Hotel and Ayurveda Spa.

Arusha National Park fees

Park fees (Entry fees)

  • Adults from 15years and above – 54$ per person per day
  • Children from five years to 14years 18$ per person per day

Concession fees (camping fees)

  • Adults from 15years and above – 48$ per person per night
  • Children from 5years to 14years – 12$ per person per night
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