Best time to hike Kilimanjaro

Best time to hike Kilimanjaro

Best time to hike Kilimanjaro : Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in Africa and it is found in the northern part of Tanzania. The best time to hike Mount Kilimanjaro is during month of June to October which is the dry season and also January when the hiking conditions are favorable with great views at different times of the year.

Certain months of the year are better for hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro while others are not favorable for hikes on the mountain especially the rainy seasons around April and November when the trails are difficult to climb.

All year round however, hikes can be carried out on Mount Kilimanjaro. Around January, February and March the trekking conditions are favorable with amazing photography. However there are rain showers which are received during hiking on the mountain. Photography is also amazing during these months and there is also snow on the summit. Hikers who prefer to interact with few tourists as they climb Mount Kilimanjaro should also consider this time of the year for a hike on the mountain.

Around April and May there is rain received on Mount Kilimanjaro and hikers tend to avoid these months. The trails are muddy during these months and the visibility while on the mountain is not as good as during the dry season. Hikers who are more experienced can also climb the mountain during the rainy season although climbing the mountain is a bit tricky. It is also a good time to avoid crowds during a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro. The routes on the northern side of Mount Kilimanjaro are recommended for hikes during this time of the year.

Best time to hike Kilimanjaro
Best time to hike Kilimanjaro

Another time of the year when Mount Kilimanjaro can be visited for hiking is the month of June, July, August and September which is the dry season. This is the busiest time of the year with many hikers engaging in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro across the different routes such as Machame route, Lemosho route, Marangu route, Shira route, Umbwe route and also the Rongai route. It is also a good time for Tanzania wildlife safaris around the national parks in the northern part of Tanzania. The weather is also good at this time of the year and is favorable for hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro.

In October and November, hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro can also be done. During this time of the year rain is also received (short rains). This time of the year is also good for experienced hikers and also to avoid crowds when visiting Mount Kilimanjaro.

December is a time of the year when it is cold and wet on Mount Kilimanjaro. Snow is also experienced on the mountain during this time of the year.

The good thing about Mount Kilimanjaro is that both experienced and non experienced hikers can climb the mountain during the year. Day tours can also be carried out on the mountain without getting to the top of the mountain.

Safety of the hikers during their hike on Mount Kilimanjaro is also a top priority and experienced guides go along with the hikers as they visit the mountain. These guides have been to tours on the mountain during all the seasons and are well experienced to take care of the hikers as they experience Africa’s highest mountain during their tour to Tanzania.

Best time to hike Kilimanjaro
Best time to hike Kilimanjaro

Altitude changes are also experienced during the climb on Mount Kilimanjaro and the body has to adjust to these changes in weather and altitude as they hike to the summit of the mountain which is at 4895 meters. The different climatic zones include the cultivated zone or bushland zone, rainforest zone, moorland zone, alpine desert zone and the arctic zone.

Each of the routes used for climbing on Mount Kilimanjaro offers a unique experience and the least number of days for hiking Mount Kilimanjaro to the summit and descent is 5 days. The most popular routes used are Marangu, Machame and Lemosho route. Hikes on Mount Kilimanjaro can take up to about 8 days or more with enough time to acclimatize during the hike to the summit of the mountain which is the Uhuru peak.

It is recommended that hikers choose the right clothing and pack light as they prepare for their hike on Mount Kilimanjaro such as hiking trousers, winter jackets, trekking pants, sleeping bags, trekking poles, gaiters, sun hats, sunglasses, warm gloves, lightweight gloves, training shoes, trekking shoes, long sleeved shirt, fleece jackets, insulated jacket, leggings, trekking trousers, cameras, sunscreen, wipes among other things. Warm clothing is recommended for hikes on the mountain.

Another thing which hikers planning to visit Mount Kilimanjaro are encouraged to do engage in exercise as they prepare for the hike on the mountain.

Visit Mount Kilimanjaro and enjoy experiencing a hike on the highest mountain in Africa during your safari to the northern part of Tanzania.

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