Calving Season in Serengeti

Calving Season in Serengeti : What To Expect On Your Serengeti Great Wildebeest Migration Calving Season Safari? Africa is a fun destination year-round because there’s always game to be found in several different nations. That being said, there are certain special seasons of the year. Traveling to Tanzania’s Serengeti during the first few weeks of the year offers a unique chance to see the calving season, when thousands of wildebeest give birth every day.


During the annual migration, hundreds of thousands of animals call the Serengeti home. In the park, wildebeest cross the Grumeti River in June and July and head northwest. For many travelers, it’s a sight that’s at the top of their must-see lists. The herds have begun to return southward to the southern Serengeti by December. They graze on the plains’ short, green grasses there. The wildebeest calving season in late January and early February is arguably the best display on the Serengeti. Around 8,000 baby wildebeests are born in the Serengeti each day at the height of the calving season. There is nothing quite like witnessing a newborn wildebeest take off sprinting just a few minutes after it is born.


Predators also arrive in large numbers with the calves that are born. The Southern Serengeti and Western Ngorongoro Conservation Areas are home to the greatest concentration of predators in Africa during calving season. Numerous lions, hyenas, and cheetahs appear to patrol the grasslands. They are holding out for the ideal opportunity to strike. However, a simple kill isn’t always assured. In order to detect potential predators, female wildebeests have an innate inclination to move towards the short grass plains. They surround moms there with a wall to keep the kids safe during birth, when they are most susceptible. This guarantees that most of the young live.

A thrilling journey full of awe and lots of action is what visiting the Serengeti during the calving season promises to be like. It is a natural occurrence for huge cats to hunt baby wildebeests. You will undoubtedly witness some incredible kills during the brief calving season, particularly from the swift cheetahs.


The Great Migration unfolds.

There is great excitement for the birthing of the young as the hundreds of thousands of wildebeests congregate in large herds. With the sights and sounds of infants making their first steps all around, the Serengeti turns into a birthing ground.

Nature’s Drama

The season of childbirth presents an engrossing tale of survival. See the sweet moments of newborn calves walking for the first time, moms defending their young with great intensity, and predators waiting in the shadows for their chance to strike.

Unmatched Wildlife Experiences

Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts have an unparalleled opportunity to capture nature in all its raw and intimate beauty during this season. The immensity of the Serengeti becomes a canvas covered in a variety of life forms, with every moment serving as a snapshot of the circle of life.


The Serengeti provides a wide range of experiences outside of the migration. Enjoy professional safari guides, take in the savannah’s stunning sunsets, and become fully immersed in the colorful traditions of the surrounding tribes.

Calving Season in Serengeti
Calving Season in Serengeti


You may stay close to the action at a number of fantastic sites in the Ndutu and southern Serengeti regions. Throughout the year, mobile migration camps track the herds and settle in close proximity to the wildebeest during the calving season. They guarantee amazing game and predator activity, and their canvas and wood tents provide a real, luxurious Tanzanian safari experience straight out of “Out of Africa.”

Olakira Camp

Should you have a taste for mobile-tented camps, we suggest Ubuntu Camp, which is situated near the Ngorongoro Conservation Area; Olakira Camp, which is situated in the Ndutu district of the southern Serengeti; and Kimondo Camp, which is situated deep within the southern Serengeti and offers views of a permanent waterhole. Eight guest tents with private bathrooms and a shared dining and lounging area are available at each camp in between wildlife drives. Savor your morning coffee or tea while keeping a lookout for wildlife from your own verandah or terrace.

Mwiba Lodge

One of our favorite properties in the southern Serengeti is Mwiba Lodge, which is a permanent lodge worth considering if you’re searching for lodging nearby. It is situated above a steep gorge on the Arugusinyai River in the Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, which is part of the larger southern Serengeti. 33 freshwater springs, lush vegetation, and historic acacia and coral trees encircle the lodge. Neutral colors like creams, tans, charcoals, and black are tastefully combined with linen sofas and elaborately carved wood furnishings to create eight exquisitely styled double suites. Open layouts have bathrooms that resemble retreats, complete with copper fixtures, outdoor showers, and enormous soaking tubs. A sizable deck overlooks the breathtaking scenery. To witness the event up close, excursions can leave from Mwiba Lodge and proceed into the center of the calving area. Apart from wildlife drives, Mwiba provides a variety of activities. These include rock art trips, cultural town tours, and wilderness treks in the Mwiba Wildlife Reserve. The calving season is one of the finest seasons to be in Africa for game viewing, no matter where you decide to stay.


Make sure to schedule your travel in advance to fully enjoy this unique occasion. Make reservations well in advance, take expert-led guided excursions, and select vantage sites with excellent views of the migration and calving regions.

Our Commitment to Your Experience: Our specialty at Focus East Africa Tours is creating unique safari experiences. You will have lifelong experiences during the Wildebeest Migration Calving Season thanks to our knowledgeable guides and well-designed itineraries.


Get ready to be mesmerized by the utter magnificence of the Calving Season of the Wildebeest Migration. Take in this incredible show of life, survival, and the unwavering power of the wild as nature creates its masterpiece over the Serengeti. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take part in this extraordinary natural event. Plan your trip now to see the splendor of nature as it unfolds during the Wildebeest Migration Calving Season in 2024/2025.

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