Explore the Beauty Lake Manyara


Explore the Beauty Lake Manyara : Lake Manyara National Park is among the destinations offering an incredible exploration of wildlife, which is located in the Manyara region situated about 120 kilometers from the Arusha city in the Northern part of Tanzania. The distance between Lake Manyara National Park and the great plains of Serengeti National park is only around 200 kilometers. Lake Manyara having possessed a smaller size as compared to other Parks makes it one of the most favorable safari destinations for tourists who would opt for a single day tour. It is easily reachable once you land at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Although you can pay a visit to Lake Manyara and return to your favorite hotel in Arusha, there are modern lodges where you can spend your day within the park. Some of these affordable lodges include Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge, Lake Manyara Kilimanjaro Lodge, Escarpment Luxury Lodge, Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge, and Migunga Tented Lodge to name a few. You will have to pay an entrance fee of USD 53 for an adult and USD 17.70 for a non-East African tourist’s kid. This fee is valid for 24 hours and is non-refundable.  Now that you know the location and other essential information about Lake Manyara it is high time to explore the beauty of Lake Manyara one after the other.

Get familiar with numerous scenic views.

Since it is within the Great Rift Valley, Lake Manyara is blessed with various scenes such as waterfalls, tall hills, lust forests of fig trees and baobab trees, and volcanic peaks. In most waterfalls, you can bathe yourself because they are small and have very clean water. Have yourself a picture watching or bathing close to a waterfall. Apart from waterfalls, there are tall hills within the escarpment where you will enjoy sitting on top of a volcano peak. Some of these hills are located outside but very close to the especially near the local village, Mto wa Mbu. Kirurumo and Balaa are tall hills for hiking. Have you ever seen old baobab trees over 180 years old? Yeah, these rare trees are present in the park as well as in the Mto wa Mbu village.

Visit the natural Hot Spring

It is commonly called ‘Majimoto’, a Swahili word for Hot Water. This hot spring is located in the south of Lake Manyara National Park. The water is hot up to 60 degrees Celsius enough to boil an egg. Yeah, if you want to taste an egg boiled naturally, carry one and try. It is fantastic and tasty. You can reach Majimoto Hot spring by guided walks (Majimoto Walkaway)

Lake Manyara is endowed with a variety of wildlife ranging from primates, birds to the largest mammals on earth. The best viewing point is on the Hippo Viewpoint where you will spot various wild animals as well as scenic views like the steep Rift Valley Escarpment.

Discover the unique Tree-climbing lions.    

These exceptional lion species are concentrated in Lake Manyara. You will spot them resting on baobab trees. Probably, you haven’t heard of this unique species. But they are easily encountered with Lake Manyara and other places especially in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park in East Africa.

Explore the Beauty Lake Manyara
Tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara National Park

Encounter over 400 bird species.

Visiting Lake Manyara may make you a complete bird-lover. Beautiful colorful birds concentrated in the acacia woodlands, lakeshore, and in the lush forest of baobab trees, usually make visitors spend long times staring at them. Some of these species are Tanzanian endemic species like the Ashy starling. They live in various locations including lakeshore, forest, and woodlands. Some of the birds available at Lake Manyara in the baobab forests and lakeshores are the beautiful pink flamingos, pink-backed pelicans, African crowned cranes, hornbills, kingfishers, storks, herons, cormorants, weavers, vultures, eagles, buzzards, and nightjars to mention few. In the acacia woodlands you will encounter crested Guinea fowls, noisy sliver cheeked hornbill, and crown eagles.

Large herds of elephants.

Tusked elephants are usually spotted in large groups making Lake Manyara a unique place to see them united, unlike other parks where they are seen scattered in small groups. African elephants being the heaviest land animal on earth prefer to stay in open grasslands as well as in the acacia woodlands.

Explore the Beauty Lake Manyara
Elephants in Lake Manyara

Discover more on a Treetop Walkaway

This is three hundred and eighty meters walk on the treetop available at Lake Manyara National Park. You have a chance of seeing baboons that are highly concentrated within the forest while walking in the air. This walkaway is about 18 meters high and usually offers you a bird’s eye view of the wild animals and other scenes. This way is built very strategically and frequent inspections are done to ensure that you will be safe on top of the trees. This walk is always guided by an armed ranger to ensure your safety from tree-dwelling pythons and big cats.

Other animal species which make Lake Manyara a beautiful place for you are Maasai giraffes, lions, leopards, warthogs, Cape buffalos, zebras, wildebeests, impalas, mongooses, monkeys, bushbucks, and hyenas to name a few. A game drive is the best way to encounter them.

Visit the locals to learn more.

The native locals neighboring the Lake Manyara National Park, in the Mto wa Mbu village make your trip more rewarding. A village tour of this village enables you to witness their famous Maasai traditional dance. They are very social and charming. You will be welcomed to their huts made of traditional building materials by traditional architects. The Maasai are very creative. Their handicrafts may interest you. These artifacts are showcased and sold at the Maasai market on Thursday.

Now that we have observed a million and one reasons for visiting Lake Manyara, all the entrance to the park are always open and standby to allow in any tourism enthusiast. This will provide a unique adventure of bringing into real life existence what all that is usually portrayed on the generally tourism in Tanzania. With no restrictions in the airports, Tanzania offers extra care to its visitors. You are warmly welcome. Karibuni Sana

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