How to book a safari in Tanzania

How to book a safari in Tanzania

How to book a safari in Tanzania : There are different ways to book your safari to Tanzania and this may depend on the kind of safari you want to engage in, the cost of the safari and the type of safari among other factors which many travelers ask themselves before settling for a specific tour package for their holiday in Tanzania.

Many tour operators offer safaris to safari destinations in Tanzania and also to the rest of East Africa. These safaris can be got from websites which display the different safari packages, activities, and price and may also show the dates for the safari.

Safaris to Tanzania can be tailor-made safaris or customized safaris and also scheduled safaris. You can choose between the 2 types of safaris for the option which works best for your safari to Tanzania.

The advantage that tailor made safaris have is that you can choose the dates for the safari, what to do on the safari (activities) or where to stay during the safari (luxury, midrange or budget accommodation) among other aspects about the safari and it will be tailored to your liking while scheduled safaris are already made and each aspect of the safari is in place including the dates for the safari.

If you prefer a private safari, tailor made safaris would be a good option for the safari and for travelers who prefer to join groups during their safaris to Tanzania can book scheduled tours to the different safari destinations of Tanzania.

The tailor made safaris can be organized by tour operators who are knowledgeable about the destinations of Tanzania and they can advise you on different factors to do with the safari. It is important to choose a certified tour operator when planning your safari to Tanzania to avoid inconveniences during the trip.

Scheduled safaris also have an advantage in terms of the price of the safari where they tend to be less costly compared to tailor made safaris. This type of safari also takes into consideration different factors like the best time for the safari and the set dates are often the best to engage in a safari. The disadvantage with scheduled safaris is that they depart o  specific dates and they can’t be changed, there are many people who join the safari with a driver guide which makes it a little difficult to communicate directly with the guide in case of an inquiry. These tour however favor travelers with a limited budget for a safari to Tanzania.

How to book a safari in Tanzania
Game Drives in Tanzania

Cost of the safari in Tanzania

The cost of a safari also plays an important role when deciding whether to book a safari to Tanzania. This is because different tour operators offer safari packages with charges which vary from one to another which gives you a variety to choose from.

Some of the costs incurred during a safari to Tanzania include visa fees, transport costs, park fees, guide fees, tips and gratuities as well as personal expenses. Planning in advance for these costs is important as it helps you to spend within your budget and still enjoy your safari to Tanzania.

When traveling to Tanzania, remember to carry along with you lose bills which you can use for transactions during the safari. You can also change the money to the local currency (Tanzania shillings) which also makes it easier to make transactions during the safari in Tanzania for example at the local markets and restaurants.

You can also use your credit card for transactions during your safari. Using a credit card in Tanzania during the safari may limit you in some places which don’t have credit card machines making it hard to carry out transactions which is the reason why cash is a better option.

The different seasons for a safari also influence the cost of a safari in a way that during the high season, the price of safaris is higher compared to the low season which is characterized by discounted rates.

Best time to go for the safari

The decision of when to go for a safari is another question to ask yourself as you plan for the safari to Tanzania.

The best time to go for a safari is the dry season around June to October which is a good time for wildlife viewing as well as other activities around safari destinations in Tanzania and also at the beach in Zanzibar.

The beauty of Tanzania is that you can engage in a safari at any time of the year. The best time for the safari also varies depending on the activities which you will engage in during your safari to Tanzania.

When deciding the best time for your safari, you can discuss with your tour operator on when to book the safari and what to bring with you for the safari.

Where to go for your safari to Tanzania

Tanzania is a very scenic safari destination with wildlife viewing destinations found in the north, south, west and around the country.

These safari destinations of Tanzania include Serengeti national park, the Ngorongoro conservation area, Lake Manyara national park, Tarangire national park, Arusha national park which are found in the northern part of Tanzania. In the southern part of Tanzania the national parks include Selous game reserve (Nyerere national park), Ruaha national park and also Mikumi national park. When visiting the western part of Tanzania, the wildlife viewing destinations include Gombe national park, Mahale national park and Katavi national park. apart from the above national parks, there are many other destinations where you can encounter wildlife during your safari to Tanzania.

Apart from the wildlife viewing destinations, Tanzania also has many other attractions such as mountains, lakes, forests, craters as well as a beautiful coastal region. Zanzibar island is another destination which you can visit during your Safari tour to Tanzania.

Where to stay is another important aspect to discuss when planning your safari to Tanzania, if you want to enjoy a wildlife viewing experience in a park and avoid the long drives, choosing a lodge inside the park is better. There are different options of accommodation during a safari to Tanzania and they include luxury lodges, midrange lodges and also budget lodges.

Another important factor to consider when planning to travel to Tanzania is how to get to the various destinations in the country. You can choose to travel by air or flight, by road and also by boat or ferry depending on the location of the destination.

After deciding on these different factors, you can go ahead and book your safari and enjoy an unforgettable safari experience in the wilderness of Tanzania.

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