How to travel around Tanzania

How to travel around Tanzania  : There are different ways that can be used during travel around Tanzania and the safari destinations found around the country. Tanzania is a country which is found in East Africa.

Road transport is the cost friendly means of transport which can be used during travel around Tanzania. For those on a budget, there are options of public means of transport such as buses or dala dalas, taxis among others which go to different destinations around Tanzania.

When traveling by road around Tanzania, some destinations are remote and may require the services of a local guide to get to those places and these guides can be hired at an affordable rate. During self-drive safaris in Tanzania, local guides can also be of great help as they provide information about the destinations, the attractions and how to get there.

During safaris in Tanzania, road transport is also an affordable option for travel around the country and when on wildlife viewing excursions like game drives, vehicles follow certain trails which lead to where the wildlife species in the parks and reserves can be spotted. The tours carried out around Tanzania can either be group tours or individual tours.

How to travel around Tanzania
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Group tours are more affordable in regards to costs such as transport costs as these costs are shared among the members of the group as compared to individual or private tours which are costly. Tour operators offer different safari packages during travel around Tanzania’s destinations.

The northern part of Tanzania is famous for wildlife safaris and the destinations in this part of the country include Serengeti national park where the great wildebeest migration takes place, the Ngorongoro conservation area, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park and also Arusha national park. Safaris or tours to the northern part of Tanzania start from Arusha town which is also referred to as a safari capital. For hiking excursions in the northern part of Tanzania, the tours start from Moshi town which is found close to Mount Kilimanjaro.

During tours in the southern part of Tanzania, the means used for travel to the different destinations includes flights from Dar es Salaam to the parks. The destinations which are visited during tours include Ruaha national park, Mikumi national park and Nyerere national park or Selous game reserve. The roads in this part of Tanzania are not as accessible as those in the northern part of the country.

Another place which is visited during tours in Tanzania is the western safari circuit. Travel to this part of Tanzania can be done by flights from Arusha and the destinations which are visited in this part of the country include Mahale national park and Katavi national park and also Gombe national park. The western part of Tanzania is known for the primate safaris such as chimpanzee trekking which is carried out in Gombe and Mahale national parks which are found along the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Zanzibar island and the coastal towns of Tanzania can also be toured during safaris to Tanzania. Travel to this part of Tanzania can be done by flight to Abeid Amani Karume international airport in Zanzibar or by ferry from Dar es Salaam. The white sand beaches of Zanzibar are popular among tourists who enjoy relaxing along the beaches and also engaging in the various activities on the island such as snorkeling, kite surfing, diving, swimming, touring the towns, visiting the spice plantations among others.

Other means of transport which can be used for travel around Tanzania include rail transport, air transport and also water transport. Although the rail transport is not very reliable when getting around different destinations in Tanzania, taking a train around the country is an exciting experience.

The railway in Tanzania includes the Tanzania-Zambia railway (TAZARA) which runs through Dar es Salaam and also the Tanzania Railway cooperation’s central line which runs from Dar es Salaam to Tabora and across the central part of the country.

Tanzania also offers flights as an option for travel around the different destinations and the flights are a much faster option for travel around the country. There are airports found in Tanzania and they include Kilimanjaro international airport, Mwanza international airport, Julius Nyerere international airport which are the main airports in the country.

For domestic flights airports used in Tanzania include Arusha airport, Kigoma airport, Songwe airport, Bukoba airport among others. A number of airlines offer charter and scheduled flights to the various safari destinations around Tanzania during tours and they include Regional Air, Flight link, Zan Air, Coastal Aviation, Air Excel, Precision Air, Air Tanzania among others.

How to travel around Tanzania
How to travel around Tanzania

These safari parks around Tanzania also have airstrips which make it easier to access the destinations when traveling in Tanzania and in Serengeti national park the airstrips include Seronera airstrip in the central, Kogatende airstrip in the north, Grumeti airstrip, Lobo airstrip, Fort Ikoma airstrip among others found in other destinations of Tanzania. Some luxury lodges also have their own airstrips where their guests fly to during their tours in Tanzania.

Fly in safaris are favorable for travelers with a limited amount of time for a tour in Tanzania and are also common among luxury travelers as they explore the various destinations in the country. The flights also link the mainland of Tanzania to the coastal area and the islands such as Zanzibar and for tours which include both wildlife safaris and a holiday on the island of Zanzibar, the flights are among the options for getting to and from the destinations.

When choosing the different ways of traveling around Tanzania, tourist should also consider the time for their Tanzania safari Tour or tour in the country as there are different seasons for travel including the low or green season and the high or peak season. In the peak season, many tourists tour the country while in the low season there are few tourists around the country.

Visit Tanzania and enjoy a safari across the different parts of the country by road, air, train and by boat.

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