Isoitok Camp Manyara – Lake Manyara National Park


Isoitok Camp Manyara – Lake Manyara National Park : Isoitok camp is a mid range accommodation found in Esillalei areas on the soft rolling hills of Losimingori  close to Lake manyara national park just 13 Km  and tarangire national park in Tanzania.  It is located in the private wild savannah bush areas.   One can be at the lodge by road transport from arusha town taking approximately 3- 4 hours drive from Arusha city ( the gateway destination to different parks of Tanzania ) and  50 minutes to fly to the close Manyara  airstrip then  few minutes to be transferred to the camp .  The lodge is convenient and affordable for guests with its beautiful views of Lake Manyara and Rift valley that gives memorable experience.

Isoitok camp manyara   contains  8 spacious  and comfortable  tented  rooms   overlooking  the Rift valley  escarpment over lake manyara   built in African Traditional style  with  natural materials like local woods  and stones   with  modern comfort  . Rooms are  well decorated , elevated with raised wooden platform and furnished  with private en suite facilities like flushing toilets, hot and cold showers/Bathtubs , wrapped  mosquito nets,  Air conditioning ,hair driers  ,private  bungalows  ,sitting areas  and verandas that gives stunning views of the lodge . 

Rooms are well equipped with flat screen TVs, extinguisher   , comfortable clean king and queen sized beds.  There are fire places at the lodge that provides warmth to visitors staying during the night.  Rooms are in different categories and sizes;   single   , double and triple rooms that cost 200$ per night and above, during High/ peak season the rate is slightly high than in Low season.

Isoitok camp  manyara  lodge  offers more services and facilities  which include;  On site – restaurant  that serves  delicious  meal types   both international and local meals to meet  guests choice ; continental  breakfast , lunch and   dinner in the dining room and in the bush  served by well trained, welcoming   and organized staff  ,  A well- stocked bar with  variety of drinks  both alcoholic and nonalcoholic refreshments ie.   local ,cocktail  , wines, spirits and international beers, you relax and sip the monk tail   while overlooking  the spectacular view of lake Manyara  , the great rift valley escarpment  and  surrounding areas ,  Free and ample parking space available, complementary bottled water , Laundry services available , Airport pickups and drop-offs offered , Wifi available at the lodge  that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends,  Business centers  with  meetings place and honey moon package  etc  , Excellent and comfortable clean beddings, Craft shop available at the lodge  with more African style gifts like shoes,  safari essentials ,  Recreational  areas available at the lodge  like boating at lake Manyara,  game drive, football playing , hiking mention but a few.

Isoitok Camp Manyara - Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara national park is situated in northern side of Tanzania occupying   the total area of 352 Km  squared  including 230km  squared of lake surface . The park is situated between lake Manyara and the great Rift Valley, it is found 126Km south west of Arusha  in Tanzania .

The park is among the most visited and protected area in Tanzania’s Arusha and Manyara Region. The park contains different animals  which include;  Elephants , Buffaloes ,Impalas, Antelopes, Zebras, Warthogs, Monkeys , Hippos ,Hyenas, Baboons, wildebeests , Giraffes etc and over 350 species of birds  like; Eurasian Migrant Birds, Acacia Associated Birds, Raptors and 3 endangered Tanzania species like black collared love birds and ashly starling birds etc.

Manyara national park is also famous for its Flocks of flamingos and tree climbing Lions. There are different attractions and activities in manyara national park which include; game drive since the park has more   animals, you spot various animals while migrating from Tarangire , boat cruise at manyara lake, hot air ballooning, bird watching/birding since the park contains more bird species,  nature walks in the park, , flying safaris, cultural visit in the local homes and many more activities. The park has different accommodations;  Budget ,Mid range and luxury which are convenient  and affordable to guests choices especially In the northern part of lake manyara national park





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