Lake Manyara National Park FAQs

Lake Manyara National Park FAQs : Lake Manyara is a good park for abundant flora and fauna. But, a large part of this park is occupied by the lake. However, it is rewarding for both mammals and birds. For easier planning of a visit to Lake Manyara, see the below-shared experiences from Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs).

What are the top attractions of Lake Manyara?

Lake Manyara National Park attractions include Lake Manyara, Treetop Walkaway, Tree Climbing Lions, Birds, Hippos, and Cape buffaloes along the shoreline of Lake Manyara. Also, Lake Manyara offers a lot of afternoon game drives though it is a smaller national park in Tanzania.

Is Lake Manyara worth a visit in February?

Lake Manyara is great for the February birdlife exploration. It is also great after the short rains of November to December. For the most part, February is the best time for lake Manyara birdlife, different vegetation, and wild animals. Safari within the park is a comfortable trip, and the drive from Southern Gate to Northern Gate is so great, with landscapes plus wild animals such as the tree climbing lion.

How can I reach Lake Manyara National Park from East Africa?

Lake Manyara National Park is in the Manyara Region of Northern Tanzania. Manyara National Park has excellent Air, Railway, and Road connections from most parts of Tanzania.

By road:  The Lake Manyara National Park has connected the destinations of Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Tanga, Dodoma, Singidana, and Shinyanga. 

By Train: Railway Stations for accessing Lake Manyara National Park are Arusha and Moshi. Arusha railway station is 126 kilometers/ 3-hour drive from Arusha town. Moshi railway station is 230 kilometers/ 5-hour drive from Moshi town.

By Air: The Nearest Airport to Lake Manyara National Park is Kilimanjaro, 190 Kilometers, and Arusha, 120 Kilometers. 

 Is it possible to take a bus or a taxi from the Arusha airport to Lake Manyara? 

The park is close to Arusha airport. Yes, taxis and buses are available from Arusha Airport (ARK). The taxis from Arusha airport to Lake Manyara travel around 120km (4-hour drive). If you need a public bus, you will have to drive from Airport to the Arusha bus station and pick up a Noah (small minibus), which costs around 5 Dollars. 

Lake Manyara National Park FAQs
Lake Manyara National Park FAQs

What are the reasons for visiting Lake Manyara National Park?

Lake Manyara is a Tanzanian national park located in Manyara Region, Tanzania. Lake Manyara is famous for a growing population of tree-climbing lions, Millions of flamingos, and other bird life during rains making it a good place for bird watching. Also, the Elephants, hippos, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, wildebeest, and Vegetation of Savannah, marshes to evergreen forests make it worth a visit. 

Why do people like Lake Manyara National Park?

Many tourists like Manyara in terms of greatest hits served up throughout a couple of hours.

First, Manyara is superb for close-up elephant encounters and for observing baboon behavior. 

Second, for taking great photos of birds such as the “umbrella bird” (black egret), yellow-billed storks, and silvery-cheeked hornbills. 

Third, for watching the lesser flamingo mass-mating walk/dance, Lake Manyara National Park FAQs

Forth, seeing tree-climbing lions is a unique experience. Manyara is the place to see tree-climbing lions, and no elsewhere to see them. 

What is to be seen, done, and learned at Mto wa Mbu near Lake Manyara?

The tour at Mto wa Mbu is unique, and many things are there to see and learn from local people on a safari. You will not only see wildlife but also experience the daily lifestyle of local people, like visiting banana and rice farms, eating local food, visiting the local market, drinking local beer, and biking. Also maybe a visit to see some people making carvings and walking in the village. 

What is the best time to visit the Manyara national park?  The lake Manyara national park can be visited throughout the year. It depends with what activities that you want to engage yourself with. Most of the visitors prefer to visit this national park between the months of July to March it’s normally the busiest times of the year for most of the national park found in the northern circuits.  The best to spot the animals easily is normally during the month of June to September as it is normally dry season, the vegetation cover is low and the animals can be easily spotted. The wet season is normally between the months of March to April, it’s considered also as the low season, because it’s the peak of the rain season the vegetation cover is high and the animals cannot be easily spotted. This wet season is also perfect for the bird-watching activities as most of the birds are found here and it’s their breeding season. For the bird lovers this is the perfect time to visit this national park.

How many days do I need to spend in Lake Manyara national park? You need to spend a minimum of 3 days and two nights in Lake Manyara national park, because there is a lot to explore in this amazing land. The 3 days trip begins with transfer from the Arusha city to Lake Manyara then the following day for the full day game drive and the day 3 can be spent with the morning game drive and ends with travelling back to Arusha later that day.

What is the weather condition of Lake Manyara national park? The average temperatures are consistence in Lake Manyara national park throughout the year. The climatic condition is mild and temperate and it normally does not get too hot to be uncomfortable. The dry season normally begins from the June all the way to October. The short rain occurs during October and November. The heavy rain season occurs in the month of December all the way to May where it reaches its peak.  the rain season are perfect for the bird-watching activities while the dry season is usually the right time for game drives and nature walks activities.

How much cash should I bring on the safari? Most of the costs are covered in the safari packages which include all the accommodation, meals, park fee as well as the transportation costs. You will probably want to bring some cash with you small bills such as tipping the guides or drivers or might need it for the shopping or some alcohol. You might stop at want to explore the local arts or crafts, paintings, woodworks, jewelers or you want bring some art gifts back at home for a friend or family.

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