Lake Natron travel Guide and Tips

Lake Natron travel Guide and Tips: Everything to know when planning a lake Nation Safari Tour: Do you prefer it a little grittier? Do you like to drive off-road on uneven, dusty roads in Tanzania to avoid the crowds? If the answer is yes, then Lake Natron, an out-of-this-world experience, is strongly advised by Focus East Africa Tours. The location is worth visiting for its isolation, breathtaking beauty, and the chance to take a strenuous night climb up to the active volcano Oldoinyo Lengai.

This region is located near the Kenyan border, northeast of the Ngorongoro Crater. The rift valley’s lowest point, Lake Natron, at 600 meters above sea level, is thought to be the most caustic body of water in the entire globe. The lake’s alkalinity levels can rise to levels that practically match those of pure ammonia, and the water is frequently sticky to the touch. But the crystal-clear water surface deceives birds, who gleefully dive into it and then tragically perish from skin burns. These birds go through a natural process of mummification due to the high concentration of natron (a mineral salt) in the lake, and you can find stoned birds washed up along the lake shoreline.

Few predators can live in this area, making it a secure breeding place for the several million flamingos who come here each year to lay their eggs. They consume a red-pigmented algae as food.


Unending grassy plains, dusty canyons where the Maasai bring their cattle to drink, rough mountains where vultures soar, and baboons barking, The breathtaking Natron Soda Lake is still further north. Lake Natron, which is located in a gorgeously attractive area below the Rift Valley escarpment, has such a high sodium concentration that the water is frequently sticky to the touch. In this severe environment, there is excellent game viewing and birding, with dry country species like gerenuk, lesser kudu, and Oryx being particularly noteworthy. Additionally, Natron is the sole known location for the millions of lesser flamingos that swarm the lake in East Africa from August to October, Lake Natron travel Guide and Tips


The Maasai and the wildlife coexist, and there are numerous Maasai manyatta (villages) dispersed throughout the surrounding plains. These crooked sticks and broken clay homes are constructed around cow kraals in the scorching sun. Children herd goats, elders sit under acacia trees wearing brilliant red togas, and the morani (warriors) stand watch with spears in their hands, elaborate beadwork around their necks, and ochre in their hair.


Bird Watching and Flamingo Lake Walk

Lesser flamingos reproduce virtually entirely at Lake Natron in eastern Africa, where they consume algae from soda lakes. In actuality, Lake Natron is home to over 75% of the world’s lesser flamingos. When the heat isn’t as intense, morning or sunset are the best times to see these wonderful birds. The small lakes, streams, and hills that make up the Lake Flats along the water’s edge offer a range of suitable habitats for birds that thrive in the alkali oasis. Lake Natron is unique to Africa, and since kids love flamingos in particular, it is the ideal addition to a family safari in Tanzania.

 Mountain biking at Lake Natron

Ride a bike around Lake Natron. Get on a mountain bike and tour the neighborhood with your guide. Please be aware that this must be scheduled in advance. Advice: When the temperature is cooler, do this during sunrise or sunset.

Hominid Footprints at Lake Natron

You can take a short stroll from the concession area to the hominid footprints, where scientists have documented the uncommon discovery of exceptionally well-preserved human footprints made in the mud between 5,000 and 19,000 years ago. No other African site contains as many prehistoric Homo sapiens footprints, making it a gold mine for researchers trying to understand the history of early humanity.

Lake Natron’s Natural Pools

At Lake Natron Camp, there are several natural plunge pools where you may cool yourself. There’s also a deeper, larger pool where you can submerge yourself in the cool shade of the netting. However, don’t be afraid of the tiny fish! Although they can bite, they are exceedingly kind. Actually, it’s more of a nibble,Lake Natron travel Guide and Tips

Ngare Sero Water Falls

We’ll set up a hike up Ngare Sero gorge so that you can see these magnificent waterfalls, which are a clear favorite of our visitors. A strange combination of dry volcanic rocks and lush tropical palms characterizes the landscape. If you wish to bring a packed lunch, ask your guide; it’s a great place to do so.

Lake Natron travel Guide and Tips
Ngare Sero Water Falls

Rift Valley Day Hike (6 hours)

It’s far better to hike the Rift Valley than to climb Mount Lengai. Before daybreak, you set out on an exciting hike, which takes you to the foot of the rift valley wall. Then, as you approach the Ngare Sero Gorge on foot, you ascend while taking in the morning. You’ll appreciate being in one of the most dramatic vistas in the area, so bring a picnic breakfast with you to the top. Following breakfast, you may return by a different route or, depending on time, you may return via a different route. After lunch, you’ll return to camp and unwind in the natural pool or have a massage—or do both!

Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano Climb

Make a nighttime ascent to the summit of the “Mountain of God.” The 2,962-meter volcano is a mysterious and unique experience to climb in the moonlight. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the breathtaking views at daybreak from the summit make it worthwhile. Expect to see the points of Kilimanjaro and Meru as they emerge from the horizon to the east on a clear day. You can learn more about Mount Kilimanjaro and West Kilimanjaro if it interests you. The northern edge of Lake Natron, which borders Kenya, can be seen in the distance to the north. You’ll be able to look across the Sale Plains and all the way to the Gol Mountains in the west, and the view will be so breathtaking you won’t believe it’s real!

 It’s crucial to realize that your guide will decide whether or not it is safe to start your climb because conditions on Lengai can vary every day. Once on the mountain, getting to the summit segment depends on daily conditions as well. Visitors should be aware that it’s possible they won’t make it to the actual summit, but refunds are sadly not an option. The Village Office controls Mt. Lengai fees, and they are flexible. Please check pricing with us before making a reservation.


June, July, and August, the calmer months here, are hot but tolerable; the rest of the year is very hot. Flamingos throng the lakeshores in December and January, since that is when the majority of their eggs hatch, Lake Natron travel Guide and Tips


The most sensible route is to start at Lake Natron and then travel to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park. Return to Arusha using Mto wa Mbu. However, not everyone is aware of how long it takes to get to Lake Natron. Keep in mind that it is neither advised nor practical to go from Seronera, the heart of the Serengeti, to Lake Natron Conservation Area in a single day.

 The two options are staying at a lodge or camping at Lobo Public Campsite, both of which are close to Klein’s Gate and about a two-hour journey from Seronera. The majority of accommodations are in Engaresero, a 5- to 6-hour drive from Kleins Gate. Be aware that even though you are traveling through a remote area with some difficult terrain, the road has been improved over time. It is in good shape from Klein’s gate to Wasso town. It gets worse from Wasso to Sonja. Drive carefully; the remaining 20 kilometers to Engaresero are difficult. Spend at least two nights (but ideally three) at Lake Natron; otherwise, you have merely been driving.

There are two ways to get to Arusha from Engaresero. Either go directly south or take Engaruka to the popular nearby settlement of Mto WA Mbu. Manyara National Park A three- to four-hour drive separates Engaresero from Mto WA Mbu, or using Longido. The initial 30 kilometers are poor. The road is paved after Longido. Longido to Arusha takes around 2 hours, while Engaresero to Longido takes about 3 hours.

 Keep in mind that the Lake Natron locale is distant, making backup support difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, you must also exercise patience and a cooperative attitude in the event that something goes wrong with the car, Lake Natron travel Guide and Tips


A wildlife management area surrounds Natron. These are national conservation zones that were created for the benefit of and assistance to Tanzania’s local populations. Before traveling to Natron, a Wildlife Management Association (WMA) permit must be obtained in Arusha and paid for in advance.  For a current overview of the entrance costs for all Tanzanian parks, see the Tanzania Practical Information section.

Please get in contact with us if you have any other questions or if you’d like to begin organizing your Tanzanian safari, which should include Lake Natron.

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