Manyara Full Day Safari Tour

Manyara Full Day Safari Tour

Babati Town: Babati town is located in Tanzania’s Manyara Region. Babati town, 172 kilometers (107 miles) south of Arusha, is the district’s administrative headquarters. Lake Manyara, Babati, and Lake Burunge occupy a substantial percentage (640 square kilometers) of the Babati district, Tanzania. The town composes a pleasant environment making it a strategic town and attracting investors. 

Lake Babati: Lake Babati is a lake with a good landscape, especially for photographers and social activities. The touristic activities in lake Babati include canoeing, fishing, and watching hippos inhabiting the lake. 

Round About: the roundabout is the symbol of Manyara City, and if you come with Dodoma road, you will see it first as you step into the city center. The left side road from the roundabout heading to Singinda (central region of Tanzania). 

Manyara Full Day Safari Tour
Manyara City

Iraq (Mbulu) cultural: Iraq is the southern Cushite group living in Tanzania. They are ethnic speaking group living in northern Tanzania practicing agriculture and animal husbandry. Around one million Iraq people are in Tanzania, where most are in the Northern Highlands of the Manyara region.  


Mount Hanang is the 4th Highest Mountain in Tanzania. It has a height of approximately 3423mabove sea level. The time covered to climb to the top is about 5-6 hours and 3-4 hours on decent. There are three routes to get to the top, but they prefer to climb it using the Katesh route, which is the easiest. 

About sixty four kilometers (64 kilometers) outside the town of Babati Manyara, there is the Hanang mountain nature reserve forest. This forest is in the ward of Katesh. In this forest, you will be able to see attractions like animals and caves on top of the mountain, and when you are at the top, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the rift valley, wheat fields, and lake Magadi. This forest is a perfect place for tourist camping and photo tourism, and seeing animals and birds with good sounds will give you enough rest, Manyara Full Day Safari Tour.

There are also unique ways to walk in the forest, where the tour guides who specialize in this work will walk you to the places where the people of the Iraqi and Datoga tribes perform rituals. Mount Hanang nature reserve is nested close to the Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley is famous for game-viewing and photographic tourism destinations. Visit mount Hanang and enjoy bird watching, hiking, waterfalls, research, and cultural activities throughout the year. 

Tanzanite Mining Site: You can visit the Tanzanite mines of Tanzania, where you can take photographs during the trip to document your trip. On the journey to a Tanzanite mine tour, you will travel through Tanzania to Merelani, where you will meet, talk to, and have lunch with the local miners before going into the actual mine.


It covers an area of a hundred and thirty square miles (130 mi2). It is at the great rift valley wall and lake Manyara. It is smaller than most national parks in Tanzania. So, Lake Manyara offers a lot of afternoon game drives though it is a smaller national park in Tanzania. The attractions of Lake Manyara National Park include,

Lake Manyara: The great lake Manyara is located about 126 kilometers from Arusha town, equivalent to 80 miles. Almost a drive of not more than one and a half hours via the modern road western part of the Arusha region. It is simple to get to lake Manyara when someone comes from Manyara City. There are over one million flamingoes found at lake Manyara. The Flamingoes are famous for their extraordinary courtship rituals. As animals, flamingoes are warm-blooded animals that lay eggs and have beaks and feathers. Flamingoes are migrating at Lake Manyara where they appear and disappear unpredictably due to fluctuations in water levels at the lake. These two flamingo species at Lake Manyara are the Greater and the Lesser flamingoes. As part of the Lake Manyara National Park tour, you will have a chance to visit one of the most remarkable natural hot springs, the Manyara Hot spring, Manyara Full Day Safari Tour

Treetop Walkaway: During a visit to Lake Manyara National Park, make sure you also experience the Treetop Walkway. It costs around 50 US Dollars/per person and adds value to your Safari through Tanzania. When you go there, you will join a couple of friends. It is an unforgettable experience which takes about half an hour. You walk over a series of suspension bridges with thick netting on the sides, reaching 18 meters o heights above the Lake Manyara National Park. Each of the bridges ends on a platform situated around tree trunks. You can enjoy views and even spot animals from the bridges and the platform. It is the only bridge found in the Manyara region and no other regions of Tanzania.

Tree Climbing Lions: This is the most and super interesting in lake Manyara national park. Some lions usually use it to climb trees. In Africa, tree-climbing lions are available only in lake Manyara national park. It attracts most domestic tourists since most people from northern regions like Arusha, Kilimanjaro, and Manyara visit the place daily. Tree-climbing lions are a symbol of the identity of lake Manyara national park.

Manyara Full Day Safari Tour
Tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara National Park

Birds: Lake Manyara is one of the best bird-watching sites in Tanzania. There are more than four hundred and fifty (450) species of birds at lake Manyara National park. The beautiful bird species mostly viewed during birding tours at lake Manyara national park are ostrich, flamingoes, Goliath heron, Superb starling, Kori bustard, Silvery-cheeked Hornbill, White-faced Duck, Martial Eagle (Juvenile), Grey-headed kingfisher, Blacksmith lapwing, Manyara Full Day Safari Tour

There are many more bird species to enjoy watching on a birding tour at lake Manyara national park. The other available bird species include; the Natal francolin, Long crested eagle, Helmeted Guinea fowl, White-winged widowbird, Rufous-naped lark, Rosy-throated long claw, Yellow-billed kite, Shanks, Black-winged stilt, Kittlitzs plover, Hottentot teal, Collared pratincole, and Purple swamp hen.

Also, Black crake, Yellow-billed stork, Common moorhen, Redshank, African grey hornbill, Reed warbler, winding cisticola, Southern-Ground Hornbill, and African skimmer are spotted.

Finally, the best time to visit it is during the summer (July to October) for animal species like elephants, lions, giraffes, zebra, and buffaloes to refresh and enjoy. Also, you can visit it during the rainfall season to meet with attractive birds, waterfalls, and fishing activities (canoeing). Welcome to Manyara for a unique adventure.

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