10 Top Attractions in Lake Manyara National Park

Roaming Tanzania’s Manyara national park on the photo safari

Roaming Tanzania’s Manyara national park on the photo safari : The lake Manyara national park is famous for the tree climbing lions, the soda ash lake that attracts thousands of the pink flamingos as well as the spectacular sceneries that you cannot your eyes away from. The Manyara national park is located in the northern part of Tanzania and covers the total area of 330 square kilometers and the lake surfaces of 230 square kilometers. The Manyara national park is 126 kilometers from the west of Arusha region and it takes 1 hour and 30mins drive from the Arusha city. The national park that is found along the way between the Ngorongoro national park and the Serengeti national park.

Manyara national park will not disappoint you for the photo safari, you will love to capture the best moments at this national park. There many different activities that you will take place in Manyara national park and this moment needs your lens to capture them all. There is a lot to see and do while enjoying the safari and taking amazing photos.

Take photos of the wildlife species in Manyara national park.

The Manyara national park is famously known as the home of the lion that climbs the trees; it’s also the home of large herds of elephants, wildebeest as well as the giraffes and buffalos. The Manyara national park is also know well because it’s the habitat for the large number of Zebras, warthogs, impalas, and the water bucks. The best moment to take the photos of the wildlife is during the morning as well in the evening. Have the most amazing shots of the lion while on the tree as they hunt their predators from above, and that can be in the morning or evening as well as in the afternoon after their meals while resting on the branches of the tree.  Most of the wildlife can be seen during the morning and evening as the animals are grazing for their foods. The best season to take this spectacular moments is during the dry season, as the land will be bare and the vegetation cover is lower hence animals can be viewed even within a distance. The perfect photos of the wildlife during the sunset and sunrise are just amazing, its one of the moments in the safari you will want to keep forever. The dry season is normally between June all the way to October and it’s also the perfect moment for the wildlife photography.

Capture the birds of the Manyara national park.

The Manyara national park has the lake Manyara that is highly decorated by the hundreds of the pink flamingos that surrounds the beautiful lake. The birds that are found in this national park vary due to the habitat of one place to the other. The huge flocks of pink flamingos and pelicans are only found in the lake Manyara while the perfect photos of the many egrets, stilts, erons, spoonbills, stalks and the other wanders can be taken around the borders of the Manyara national park and on the floodplains, Roaming Tanzania’s Manyara national park on the photo safari

The evergreen and the woodlands of the Manyara national park will not disappoint your either, you will have the perfect shots of the crowned eagles, crested guinea fowl and the silver cheeked hornbills. Enjoy the beautiful voices of the birds while taking photos of them. The best time to take the birds photos is in the early morning as they will be singing beautiful and bring the land of Manyara into life. The morning photos during the sunrise and sunset are also perfect. Just don’t forget to bring your lens while on the safari to Manyara national park. The best season of the year for the birds’ photography is during the month of November all the way through May, which is normally the wet season in Tanzania and there is a large number of different bird’s species which includes the native birds as well as the migratory birds.

The treetops walk way.

Like most of the national parks in Tanzania, the Manyara national park also offers the nature walk, but while in Manyara national park it’s kind of different because the tourists walk though the treetop walk way. This walk way it’s amazing as it offers the most amazing sceneries of the vegetation cover of the Manyara national park, it’s a breath taking views that will attract you take the most beautiful memories while walking though this treetop walk way. The walk way is raised for about 370 meters in the sky, which is the most thrilling adventure and gives you the best pictures of the birds from above as well as viewing them clearly and closely.

Roaming Tanzania’s Manyara national park on the photo safari
Treetop Walkway in Lake Manyara National Park

 The shots of the beautiful lake Manyara.

Explore the beauty of Lake Manyara, during the game drives; it can be the morning game drive, the afternoon or the evening game drive while each game drive has its own unique photos to take. The morning drive will be highly decorated by the amazing background of the sunrise and that of the evening of will have the background of the yellowish-orange ball as it fades deeper into the sky. The full day game drive is also available in the Manyara national park, which it begins in the morning and goes all the way throughout the day while there are few stops so that tourists can take a rest and have meals in between.

The boat or canoe rides is also one of the activity that takes place while exploring the lake Manyara.  During the canoeing it’s the perfect time to explore the aquatic life of Lake Manyara. Have the best shots of the hippos that are found on the shallow waters.  Have the breathtaking scenery of the rift valley escarpment as well as beautiful scenery of the national park that is highly made up of the forested area, open savannah plains and the woodlands. Have the best shots of the aquatic life, the beautiful scenery as well as the beautiful pink flamingos that decorate this lake in a most amazing way.

The COVID -19 safety procedures are well followed while visiting different national parks in Tanzania including Manyara national park. The hand sanitizers are available for the staffs and visitors and are they are required to sanitize regularly. The gears and equipments to be use are as well sanitized as well as the transport. The social distance is enforced throughout the journey, while the face masks are required for the travelers while in public areas. The temperature checks for the visitors is also done on arrivals just to ensure the safety of everyone including the staffs and the visitors while on the tour, cause safety of everyone is the number one priority.

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