Safari accommodations in Central Serengeti

Safari accommodations in Central Serengeti : Serengeti National Park is one of the prominent national parks in Tanzania which offers Tanzania Safari tourists unforgettable wildlife safari experiences. When it comes to accommodations , serengeti safari accommodations range from mid range , budget and luxury accommodations and these include the following; 

Lemala Nanyukie Tented Lodge

The Lemala Nanyukie Tented Lodge is well situated on a grassy savanna with rocky kopjes scattered around and covered by massive, old acacia trees in the heart of the Serengeti. Here, it provides breathtaking views over the boundless, interesting grasslands of the Serengeti. The 15 roomy, opulent canvas tents have exquisite interiors with an enormous bed and an ensuite bathroom with an indoor and outdoor shower. On chilly days, relax in the freestanding bathtub with a view, or on warmer days, submerge yourself in your personal plunge pool in the corner of the outside patio. The public space’s indoor and outdoor dining rooms, as well as the cool public swimming pool, are accessible from the cosy lounge, bar and outdoor viewing deck. A wonderful Tanzania safari  location.

Sueños de África Luxury Camp

Situated in the northwest of Serengeti National Park, Sueños de África Luxury Camp is about 20 kilometres away from the Seronera airport. Ten exquisitely furnished safari tents, including two family tents, are included in this set. With cosy mattresses, big mirrors, private bathrooms, a roomy sitting area, and white net curtains that billow in the breeze, you’ll find yourself in a cosy and carefree colonial-style setting. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives are available on the extensive international menu served in the spacious dining room, where you can also watch the stars by the fire as evening falls.

Naona Moru (I see Moru) Camp

Situated on a raised area close to Moru Kopjes, a region of rocky cliffs that leads to the fabled golden plains of Serengeti National Park, lies the Naona Moru (I see Moru) Camp. All year long, there are great chances to see wildlife in this area in the park’s south. Thousands of hoofed creatures can be seen passing by during the season as part of the yearly wildebeest migration. Additionally, Naona Moru provides all the comforts of home, including exquisite bush food, personal service, and Wi-Fi. You retreat to a tented suite with a wide, comfy bed, fine white linens, a minibar, a spacious bathroom and a welcoming outdoor and interior space in the evening.

The Whisper Serengeti

In the heart of the Serengeti National Park, the Whisper Serengeti is a tented camp tucked away in the woods and encircled by acacia trees. The ten spacious, well-appointed ensuite tents have wooden flooring, a balcony, and comfy beds. Solar panels are used in this eco-friendly camp to provide hot water and electricity. The knowledgeable team is delighted to share their Tanzanian traditions and culture with you, ensuring that you get the greatest Serengeti experience.

Tukaone Serengeti Camp

In the centre of the Serengeti, there is a private safari camp called Tukaone Serengeti Camp. The tents provide all the comforts you could want, and also gives stunning views of the Hembe Hills and the vast plains of the Serengeti. The tents are roomy, with comfortable mattresses and individual toilets, and there’s hot running water available all day. Additionally, the camp provides excellent service and delicious meals. You can enjoy a drink by the campfire in the evening. Savour the glimpses of passing fauna from your balcony and marvel at one of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ve ever seen! Overall, Tukaone will guarantee that your time in the Serengeti is one you won’t soon forget.

Serengeti Sound of Silence tented camp

Serengeti Sound of Silence is an upscale camp offering all the comforts of home. It provides a breathtaking view of the Serengeti National Park’s savannahs from the tent. High-quality food is also served in the à la carte restaurant at this tented resort. The opulent tents offer an authentic African atmosphere in addition to being larger than those in other tented campgrounds. They feature a cosy shower and a spacious king-size bed. Tanzania Specialist has been a part of this tented camp’s creation from the beginning since we saw a need for a tented resort this opulent and unique. We advise staying at this distinctive camp if you want to make the most of your Serengeti safari experience. You’re going to have an amazing and fantastic experience.

Sametu Camp

The Sametu Camp is the ideal place to witness the Tanzania wildlife migration when it comes to this region of the Serengeti or to spend a few nights in the middle Serengeti during other months. It is located east of the well-known Serengeti National Park, away from the tourist trails. The camp enjoys seclusion and expansive views of the nearby meandering Ngare Nanyuki River, as well as the wide open plains of the savannah. With eight standard tents, eight suites and two family tents, each with an ensuite bathroom and a separate hot shower area on an elevated platform, it offers eighteen exceptionally spacious safari tents. Dinner is served in the dinner tent, or on your own patio if you like, and is a hot buffet-style meal filled with incredibly delicious food!

Nyabogati Serengeti Camp

The Maasai term “Nyabogati” means “in the middle of it all,” and that is precisely where Nyabogati Camp is situated—near Seronera’s Turner’s Spring, in the centre of the Serengeti National Park, just an hour’s drive from the Naabi Gate. Eight roomy and cosy tents with wide beds, private verandas, and en suite bathrooms with running water, showers, and toilets make up the tented camp. You may feel very close to nature on this veranda while taking in the breathtaking panoramic view of the boundless plains that surround you. Warm, earthy colours are used throughout the interior design, with white drapes adding a breath of fresh air. Before the culinary staff serves you Italian and international cuisine and exquisite wines in the restaurant or outside under the starry African sky, you can enjoy a cosy atmosphere in the lounge that includes a library and a modest room to unwind in. Not to mention, Nyabogati takes pleasure in being plastic-free and eco-friendly, using only natural materials.

Golden Safari Camps

Nestled between acacia trees, Golden Safari Camps is located in the middle of Serengeti National Park, close to Seronera airstrip. Elevated safari tents with fluffy beds, hot showers, and flush toilets are available in this solar-powered camp. For larger parties, a family tent with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a central living space is offered. Here you can enjoy a freshly brewed coffee on your patio while you wake up to the sounds of the local wildlife and the sun rising over a breathtaking landscape. A genuine safari encounter.

Safari accommodations in Central Serengeti
Golden Safari Camps

Anantya Seasonal camp

The opulent and environmentally conscious Anantya Seasonal Camp is located only a short distance from the well-known Serengeti National Park. Only three exquisitely constructed, solar-powered safari tents with spacious, comfortable beds and chic bathrooms with walk-in showers make up this upscale tented camp. Clean lines and ecru colours are used throughout the tents to amaze, and from your private terrace, you can enjoy unobstructed views of the expansive Serengeti grasslands and the passing wildlife. Anantya has a well-stocked bar for sundowners, a fine dining restaurant with delectable meals and a cosy area to conclude the day with a book and a drink beside a beautiful fireplace on chilly days.

Ole Serai Luxury camp

The luxurious Ole Serai Luxury Camp – Moru Kopjes is perfectly situated in the heart of the Serengeti, close to Lake Magadi and the well-known Moru Kopjes. Because of its location between the Rongai and Nyaroboro Hills and the banks of the Mbalageti and Seronera Rivers, the campsite is home to a wide variety of native species. It is also just a short distance from a hippo pool. It has all the amenities one would anticipate from a five-star luxury camp, and it is attractively designed. Each of the twenty opulently furnished tents has an ensuite bathroom with a running shower, flushing toilets and a constant power supply. From your covered veranda, you may enjoy an optimal 180-degree view of the surrounding landscape while dining or enjoying drinks in the guest spaces or rooms, which have been thoughtfully constructed to put you as near to nature as possible. The experience is made much more amazing by the breathtaking vistas and plethora of animals in the area.

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