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Serengeti National Park Facts

Serengeti National Park facts are some of the things about Serengeti national Park that you may want to know, as you plan your much anticipated Serengeti National Park safari. Serengeti National Park is one of the most beautiful and bio diverse national parks of Tanzania and Africa as whole that travellers from all over the world look to visit with Tanzania safaris, all throughout the year. From the smallest animal, to the large elephants and even rare rhinos, Serengeti National park shall fill your dire thirst for wild animal viewing in Africa.

Located in the northern part of Tanzania, in the northern circuit of Tanzania which coincidentally is the most sought after safari circuit of Tanzania definitely because of the Serengeti itself, Serengeti National Park does not disappoint, no matter the time of the safari. Serengeti national park safaris are available for Tanzania safari booking all throughout the year, rewarding travellers with authentic, out-of-this-world safari experiences.

Serengeti National Park Facts
Wildebeests in Serengeti

When Africa safaris are mentioned, the Serengeti National Park is what often comes to minds of travellers. The endless plains of Serengeti National Park are filled with drama, all throughout the year with the annual great wildebeest migration being the most dramatic spectacle to watch while on Serengeti safaris; that is if you plan your Tanzania safari to coincide with the annual great wildebeest migration whose iconic river crossings take place around June to August.

There are so many attractions and activities in Serengeti national park that travellers can do when they do come for their Serengeti safari, including game drives in Serengeti national Park, bird watching, Serengeti hot air balloon rides, cultural encounters among so many others, to see above all else the great wildebeest migration and the African big 5 animals which Serengeti national park is famous for, including the large variety of animals in Serengeti National Park.

There are a number of facts about Serengeti National Park that you as a traveller may make use of as you plan your Serengeti safari. Below are some of the Serengeti National Park facts that you may appreciate;

  1. One of the top Serengeti National Park facts is that the Serengeti National Park is one of the oldest and most scientifically significant ecosystems in the world. The Serengeti National Park weather patterns, flora and fauna have changed very little over a million years giving the area a prehistoric feel. You shall surely feel this, and experience it when you do visit Tanzania on a Serengeti National Park safari.
  2. Serengeti National Park encompasses an array of other reserves, for the Serengeti ecosystem is quite wide. The Serengeti ecosystem stretches as far as the Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya, encompasses the beautiful Ngorongoro Conservation Area which is home to the Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania, Maswa Game Reserve, Loliondo, Grumeti, and Ikorongo Game Controlled Areas, all of which inhabit a bevy of animals.
  3. The name Serengeti, is got from the local Masai word siringit which literally translates to “the endless plains” which describes the nature of the Serengeti National Park, a place that stretches as far as possible, with the Serengeti ecosystem covering a total size of more than 30,000 square miles.
  4. Serengeti National Park is home to the largest on-land animal movement on the world. It is for a fact that Serengeti national park hosts the longest part of the great wildebeest migration, which sees over 1.5 million wildebeests and thousands of grazers like zebras and antelopes moving in a frenzy of sorts (yet very much awake), through the Serengeti plains with the iconic river crossings of the Grumeti River and Mara River being the most fascinating and out of this world spectacles to ever watch. Watching predators like lions, leopards, hyenas and others hunting down their next prey is one of the best sights you would ever see, especially for travellers after predator action at its finest.
  5. The great wildebeest migration, which is the reason for most travellers visiting Serengeti National Park, was selected as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa in 2013. The others in the list included the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania as well, and the Nile River, Okavango Delta, the Red Sea reef system and the Sahara Desert, all of which offer amazing Africa safari experiences like none elsewhere.
  6. The African big 5 animals, most sought after by many travellers, can be found in Serengeti National Park. The Serengeti Big 5 include lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and rhinos. While the other Serengeti big 5 animals can be seen, rhinos are a rare sight, only usually seen in the northern part pf Serengeti national Park near the border with Masai Mara National Reserve.

    Serengeti National Park Facts
    Big mammals in Serengeti
  7. Serengeti National Park is also one of the best places to see the all the big cats. Lions, leopards and cheetahs can be seen in Serengeti national Park, with a variety of activities especially game drives in Serengeti National Park. Large pride of lions, can easily be seen in Serengeti National park.

The above are some of the top 7 Serengeti National Park facts that you shall get to appreciate when you do visit Tanzania on a Serengeti National Park safari. Looking to visit Tanzania and experience a typical Africa safari? Serengeti National Park is your best choice in Tanzania. Get in touch with a reputable tour operator to help you pitch together an amazing Serengeti National Park safari. A 3 Days Serengeti Safari is one of the best and short Tanzania safaris that take you to the world most sought after Tanzania national park, to be rewarded with the best animal viewing.

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