Tarangire National Park Birds

Tarangire National Park birds are some of the top attractions in Tarangire National Park that travelers get to enjoy while on Tanzania safaris in the park. Tarangire National Park is a great bird-watching safari destination in Tanzania hosting over 500 bird species. These include several dry-country bird species, resident birds, endemic, threatened, and some of the most sought after birds in Tanzania. These also include the migratory bird species, from Eurasian and North African countries. Most sought after birds in Tarangire National Park include the Northern Pied Babbler, Vulturine Guineafowl, Yellow-Collared Lovebird, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Ashy Starling among so many others.

With over 500 birds in Tarangire National Park, below are some of the most common birds that you ought to look out for while on Tarangire National Park birding safaris, throughout the year;

Yellow-Necked Spurfowl

The Yellow-necked Spurfowl also known as the Yellow-necked Francolin is one of the most audible birds in Tarangire National Park. Yellow-necked Spurfowl can usually be seen sitting outside camps and lodges at dawn with sadistic looks, letting out a piercing, and never ending call.

Yellow-Necked Spurfowl

Northern White-Crowned Shrike

The Northern white-crowned Shrike is an insect eating birds often seen perched on tree branches or backs of large mammals scanning the ground for insects for their meal.  The Northern White-Crowned Shrike is thought to be a cooperative breeder, having their little babies brought up not just by the parents but also a number of additional group members.

Black-Necked Weaver

The Black-necked Weaver is one of the various weavers in Africa, best known for their incredible nest making which is interwoven systematically.

White-faced Whistling Duck

The White-faced Whistling Duck is one of the most common, noisy and gregarious species. the White-faced Whistling duck is distributed in a few parts of Africa that is in the estern and south African countries, also found in South America.. White-faced Whistling Ducks sometimes live in huge flocks.

Red-billed Hornbill

Red-billed Hornbill is one of the most common  birds. Though the Red-billed Hornbill is reasonably big, at about 42cm in length, it is one of the smaller hornbills. Red-billed Hornbills nest in holes of trees, sealing it after the females is in the nest.

Red-billed Hornbill

Other Birds in Tarangire National Park

Apart from the above mentioned , other birds in Tarangire National Park include the Red-billed Parrot, Red-and-yellow Barbet, Ashy Starling, Tawny Eagle, Speckle-fronted Weaver, African Grey Flycatcher, Bare-faced go-away Bird, Great White Pelican, Northern Pied Babbler, Ostrich, Pink Breasted Lark, Vonder Decken’s Hornbill, Slate-coloured Boubou, Woodland Kingfisher, Black-headed Heron, African Hoopoe, Yellow-billed Stork, Lilac-breasted Roller, Open-bill Stork, Superb Starling, among so many others.

Best Time for Bird Watching in Tarangire National Park

While there are a considerable number of resident birds in Tarangire National Park which make Tarangire National Park an all-year round birding destination in Tanzania, the best time for bird watching in Tarangire National Park is when the European and northern African migratory birds are present in the park. The wet season falls in the months of November to April, which is also a nesting period.

What to Carry for Birding Safaris in Tarangire National Park

While embarking on your birding safari in Tarangire National Park, some of the items to carry for your birding safari include a good pair of binoculars, a bird’s list, good hiking shoes, camera, and hat to shield you from the sun, sunscreen, among others, including personal items like toiletries.

Tarangire National Park is an amazing Tanzania safari destination with so much to offer to travelers who visit Tanzania on Tarangire National Park safaris. Apart from bird watching, other attractions in Tarangire National Park that travelers can enjoy include wild animals especially the large herds of free ranging elephants, lions, gazelles, leopards, and so many others.

While on Tarangire National Park safaris, you can enjoy various activities like bird watching, game drives, night game drives, guided walking safaris, hot air balloon safari rides, and cultural tours among others. Looking to explore Tarangire National Park to enjoy the various attractions including birds in Tarangire National Park? Get in touch with a reputable tour operator to help you pitch together an amazing Tarangire National Park safari, fit for your preference and budget.

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