Tarangire national park Tanzania

Tarangire national park Tanzania

Tarangire national park Tanzania : Tarangire national park is among the wildlife safari destinations which are found in the northern part of Tanzania. The large elephant population is among the attractions which can be seen during a safari in Tarangire national park. The national park covers about 2850 square kilometers and it also has beautiful scenery such as baobab trees which can be spotted at the destination.

Wildlife species seen during safaris around Tarangire national park include buffalos, zebras, giraffes, waterbucks, impalas, elands, dik dik, gazelles and also predators like lions, leopards and cheetahs. Watching as predators hunt around the savannah plains is among the experiences which tourists enjoy during their visits in Tarangire national park.

Park entrance fee for Tarangire national park is 59 USD in the peak season and 53 USD in the low season for nonresidents. Children aged between 5 and 15 years are charged park entrance fee of 23.6 USD during safaris around the national park.

The best time to see the wildlife species during a safari around Tarangire national park is during the dry season around June to October which is a time of the year when wildlife species can be seen around the Tarangire river.

The Tarangire river is a source of water for the wildlife species in the national park. In the rainy season, wildlife viewing can also be carried out around Tarangire national park.

Tarangire national park is named after Tarangire river which flows through the destination. The national park also consists of savannah plains, baobab trees, woodland and also swamps which act as habitat for the various wildlife species. The baobab trees stand out from the rest of the surroundings in the national park and also act as shelter for some of the wildlife species of Tarangire national park.

The baobab trees of Tarangire national park also store water in their trunks and they are also referred to as the tree of life. Many bird species can also be seen around the baobab trees during safaris.

In Tarangire national park, there are about 600 bird species which can be seen during a safari around the savannah plains. The best time to engage in bird watching around the national park is during the month of November to April when migrant bird species can also be seen in the wild.

A number of activities are carried out during safaris around Tarangire national park and they include game drives, bird watching, nature walks and also hot air balloon safaris.

Game drives during safaris around Tarangire national park involve exploring the wilderness in the park en search of wildlife species. This activity can be done in the morning or in the afternoon or evening. During safaris, game drives can also be done for a full day as the visitors explore the park and enjoy seeing wildlife species around Tarangire from morning to evening with a lunch break during the activity.

Tarangire national park Tanzania
Tarangire national park Tanzania

Bird watching is also carried out around Tarangire national park during safaris. The various birds around the destination can be seen near the swamps which are also the breeding area for birds. When exploring the savannah birds can also be seen during a safari. Another location to see birds of Tarangire national park is woodland area. These bird species include pied babbler, vulturine guineafowl, yellow collared lovebird, rufous tailed weavers, ashy starlings, red and yellow barbets, weavers, eagles, great white pelicans, northern white crowned shrike, ostriches among others. The best time to see these various bird species is during the months of November to April.

Hot air balloon safaris are also carried out when visiting Tarangire national park and this activity offers an aerial view of the savannah plains and attractions in the national park such as the Tarangire river. The hot air balloon experience starts with a briefing and takes place around dawn and after enjoying the beautiful views of Tarangire river, the swamps and valleys after which the passengers get to enjoy a bush breakfast in the savannah plains. The hot air balloon safari takes about 1 hour before returning to the landing point.

Nature walks are also carried out when exploring Tarangire national park and seeing the attractions around the destination. The nature walks are carried out in the company of a ranger guide who provides information about how to track the wildlife species and also about the national park itself. This experience in the wilderness of Tarangire national park takes place off the usual trails followed when engaging in wildlife viewing experiences. Wildlife species such as elephants, zebras, giraffes among others can be seen from a close distance during the walking safaris.

Tarangire national park is about 120 kilometers from Arusha town and is close to other national parks in the northern part of Tanzania. The national park can be accessed by flying to Kilimanjaro international airport.

Visit Tarangire national park during your safari to Tanzania and enjoy a wildlife viewing experience.

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