Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is one of the famous park with is characteristics of having a large population of elephants whereby up to 300 elephants are expected to be seen during dry season heading to Tarangire river. Tarangire national park is one of the top ten biggest national parks in Tanzania by which animals, baobabs, insects, big birds like ostrich as well as tree climbing pythons ornament the park.

Tarangire is the stop national park in northern circuit before continuing to Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It is located southwest with the distance of 118km away from the center of Arusha city. Getting to Tarangire can be either by road or air, by is accessible from K.I.A with safari jeeps directly to the park. By air is by taking chartered flight from Arusha.



  • Guided walking safaris


The walking safaris are well guided by game rangers to ensure safety of the visitors from being attacked by dangerous animals. 


  • Birding


There are high species numbers of birds at the park thus this makes it possible for visitors to do birding tourism.


  • Photographing


The beautiful scene of the park and nice ecology makes another opportunity for visitors to conduct photographing tourism.


  • Game driving


By using safari jeeps visitors will have a chance to view animals including top five animals and many others.


  • Cultural tours


Because Tarangire is nearby Maasai community and other community also there is cultural tour to visit Maasai people and Barbaig people to experience their life.


  • Visiting ancient rock paintings 


These are the ancient rock paints from many years which are found near Dodoma road from Babati town.


  • Wedding safaris


There are nice places to conduct wedding tours with its cool environment and conducive weather creates memorable activities for soul mates.


  • Sight seeing


This is another activity where by visitors have a chance to see the beautifulness of the park by getting themselves in small hills in the park.



  • Big population of elephants


The great population of elephant in Tanzania is found in Tarangire national park. About 300 elephants in many herds are available and this attracts both domestic and international visitors in the park.


  • Species diversity of birds


The high population of birds in the park attracts bird watchers and non-bird watchers to visit Tarangire. The biggest bird in the world “Ostriches” are found in parks with the mixture of beautiful songs from other birds like sunbirds, kori bastard, sterling, bee eaters, king fishers and hundreds of others. 


  • Giant Baobabs 


There are many baobab trees that creates a unique view of the park, also the baobabs have the history about poachers in the park who used the trees as their hideous caves 


  • Animals


Apart from having hundreds of elephants also the park has many other animals including some members of big five animals like buffalo, leopards, lions, Oryx, warthog, mongoose, and many others.


  • Culture


People’s culture also attracts people to visit, experience and cultures of different tribes because Tarangire is close to Maasai communities and Barbaig communities.


  • Reptiles 


Tree climbing pythons are other attractions in Tarangire national park since most people want to experience how they do. Therefore, visitors are warmly welcomed to see precious attractions.


Accommodation facilities and infrastructures are widely available inside and outside the park. They range from campsites, touristic lodges and ordinary lodges outside the park just near the park. All these facilities are of different classes and status to accommodate different groups of visitors, they can be luxury camps or lodges with five star or four-star qualities, or rooms with presidential class or executive class and so forth to ordinary room classes.

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