Things to do in 20 miles of Radius in Arusha City


Things to do in 20 miles of Radius in Arusha City :The beautiful Arusha city is located in the northern highlands of Tanzania just below Mount Meru on the eastern edge of eastern branch of the Great Rift Valley. Arusha city is considered as the tourism city because it acts as the safari capital of Tanzania on the northern circuit which includes all the national park that are located on the northern part of Tanzania, which includes the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara and Tarangire national park.

The city acts as the gate way to all the national parks in the northern circuits but it also has many different attraction too. The Arusha city is named as the Geneva of Africa, and others calls it a green city as it’s a center before going to the safari in the wilderness. Arusha city is highly favored with relative low temperatures and alleviated humidity that makes it blessed with the lush and green environment. The cool weather is one of the reason as to why there are tourist that here from different parts of the world. The good climatic condition attracts and accommodate different tourists from all parts of the world.

Things to do while in 20 miles of radius in Arusha.

  • Canoeing on Lake Mommela, have the 3 hours of canoeing in the lake while viewing the water birds close by and thousands of the pink flamingos and waterfowls. The best time for canoeing is in the morning and afternoon. This place is perfect as you will have a sight of buffaloes, bushbucks, giraffes and hippos. The Lake Mommela is found in the Arusha national park, while in this city do not miss this refreshing moment in this lake.
Things to do in 20 miles of Radius in Arusha City
Canoeing on Lake Mommela
  • Hike mount Meru, the second tallest mountain Tanzania and the 5th tallest in Africa with the elevation of 4562 meters. Hiking the Mount Meru is normally considered as the warm up for trekking the Mount Kilimanjaro. It normally takes 4 day to reach at the peak of this mountain for the active travelers. The armed rangers will accompany the tourist during hiking when hiking through the Mommela route that passes through the Arusha national park. Along the way enjoy the sight of different wild animals that are found in this national park, the sight of baboons, giraffes, zebra, Columbus monkey and variety of birds that are found in this national park after passing through this national park hiking begins, the vegetation cover changes from mountain forest, moorland, semi-desert and alpine dessert and until your finally reach to the crater. Walking on the rim of the crater you will explore the ash cone that was formed many years ago due to the volcanic eruption.
  • Arusha national park day trip, which is just one hour away from the Arusha city center. This national park does not have a lot of wildlife most especially the dangerous animals but it’s the ideal place to spot animals such as buffalos, zebras, warthogs and variety of primates mostly the black and white colobus monkey. It’s a perfect place for the picnic as there are no dangerous animals, you will real love the picnic and lunch at the bushes.
  • City walking and cultural tour, this is the perfect activity as it’s the opportunity to explore the Tanzanians with their different cultures and way of life. It’s the time to experience the true culture and being part of it. Experience the foods from Tanzania, transports, visit the local Tanzania markets and get some gifts for your loved once back at home. Visit the Mulala and Nkoranga villages located on the slopes of Mountain Meru and its just 45 minutes away from the city. Have the opportunity to learn about the Meru community and their culture as they use their art skills to express their feelings and what surrounds them.

Visit the cultural heritage center which includes the restaurants, spice centers, shops and gardens that are specifically highly decorated by the incredible sculptures. Visit these galleries and museums so as to reveal the marvelous arts and crafts of the people of Tanzania. Have the opportunity to admire the sculptures that are made by the Makonde community located on the southern parts of Tanzania.

  • Swim at the Chemka hot spring: Are you used to swimming in the cold water? well swimming in this spring is quite different as its swimming in the hot/warm water with fishes twinkling and biting your feet. The waters forms the clear and ponds that are ideal for swimming activities, as the ponds are found under the lush trees. In some areas in this ponds are very deep up to 10 meters but the clear water can help you see clearly at the bottom of this spring. It’s more like the hidden paradise in the dessert scrub, the water here is full of fluoride hence cannot be used by the local people for drinking. Enjoy the most beautiful scenery of mountain Kilimanjaro from here and see the shinning snow from far while enjoying the waters caressing your skin.
  • Visit the Meserani national park the home of reptiles in Arusha city. Have the most special experience of meeting most of the reptiles that are found in Tanzania in this single place. Enjoy the experience of holding the tortoise and feeding the baboons, get close to the dozens of different snake species as the guides tell you about their behaviors and how dangerous they can be. A trip to Meserani is not only suitable for reptiles but also have a chance to ride the camels that are found here in just few dollars. Its normally takes few minutes up to one hour maximum, enjoy riding at the back of this animals and head towards the nearest Maasai community found here.
Things to do in 20 miles of Radius in Arusha City
Meserani national park
  • Visit the beautiful gemstones museum the famous Tanzanite museum, get introduced to the gemstone Tanzanite and its history. Learn about how Tanzanite is mined, polished as well as the art of cutting it, it’s also the change to be aware of this gemstones and how unique they are since they are only found in Tanzania. The beautiful blue\violet gemstone are beautiful as they glitter, you can also buy direct from this museum if there is the piece that you really like, thus Things to do in 20 miles of Radius in Arusha City.
  • Hike at Napuru waterfalls by other name known as the Meru water falls, the water fall is located on the base of the Mountain Meru. You can choose to hike on foot or just enjoy the bike riding as its inclining at the height of 200 meters. The greenish vegetation makes it have the most impressive view as the beautiful birds entertain your ears this place becomes the magical place to visit
  • Visit the Shanga house and the Maasai market, it’s the perfect place to see the talents of different artists from Tanzania as their beautiful art works are well displayed. The shanga house is the social enterprises that employs the people with disabilities to design and create their unique and quality handmade jewel, handbags, glassware and more decorations to carry along with you on your way back home. It’s overwhelming as there are a lot of this to see and all attractive that make you hard to decide what to pick. Learn different signs languages and enjoy the adding knowledge of activities such as glass blowing, bearding and many other more.

Hence the Arusha city should not be consider as the way towards the northern circuits, the other tourism activities can also take place here.

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