What Is So Special About Ngorongoro Crater?

What Is So Special About Ngorongoro Crater? Ngorongoro crater is a good UNESCO World Heritage site, which is located in the western region of Arusha in Tanzania. In addition, this crater was officially established in 1959 and it is considered as one of the best-protected areas, which has so many attractions that lead individuals to travel from all over different parts of the world hence leading to the development of the tourism industry of the country. Ngorongoro conservation area is known to have derived its name from the Ngorongoro crater which is situated within the area and it shares boarders with other game parks like; Serengeti national park  from the west  and the eastern part of it characterized by the rim of the East African rift valley wall. More so, this conservation area covers a total surface area of about 8,292 square kilometers and touring around this protected area gives you chances to do several activities and see many tourist attractions which include the following below;

Attractions in Ngorongoro Conservation area.


It is well known that the Ngorongoro crater is seen as one of the top attractions found in this area and it is considered as the main crater. However, there are more craters where tourists can visit such as; Empakai caldera and Olmoti caldera and many other volcanic craters.

Ngorongoro crater.

Ngorongoro crater is considered as the largest and unfilled volcanic crater in the whole world, which is about 610 meters, and it covers a total surface area of about 256 square kilometers and this area hosts a high population of wildlife animals. More so,  visiting the Ngorongoro crater blesses your eyes with amazing views of beautiful features such as; soda lakes like; Lake Magadi which is known as the best birding spot therefore tourists will be able to sight see birds like; flamingos and many other water birds.


The Ngorongoro conservation area is also highly recommended as one of the destinations in the country where one can travel to on their adventurous safari because it is a home to over many wildlife species that are always available in the park for tourists to see within different area and some of these include; zebras, gazelles, reedbucks, cheetahs, wild dogs, jackals, hartebeests, wildebeests, hippos, blue monkeys, spotted hyenas, elands hence making peoples safari a successful one.  More so, this unique part about this area is that it an among the few destinations in Tanzania where the big five animals can be spotted such as; it is known for having the densest lion population, rhinos, leopards, elephants and others. In addition, these species can be seen around areas like; the Ndutu lake area where cheetahs and lions are seen in large numbers among others.

Olduvai Gorge.

What Is So Special About Ngorongoro Crater?
Olduvai Gorge

The Olduvai Gorge is famously known and commonly visited because of its history. In addition, this area is an archaeological site in East Africa where the first skull of Zinjathropus was found therefore people visit this area purposely to look at the old skull, listen, and learn more about the evolution of a man, which always seems interesting and educative.

Shifting Sand.

The shifting sand is one of the unique things found around this conservation area and it according to history it is believed that this sand shifting came from the active volcanic mountain of Oldonyo Lengai which lasted for a year whereby the sand dunes would move for about 10 meters from one place to another while maintain the shape of the dune. Therefore visiting this site helps you see and acquire new experiences.


Ngorongoro conservation area hosts avariety bird species which tourists can sight see as they tour around the area especially while on their birding safaris and some of these birds include; ostriches, the Northern Anteater chat, grey crowned cranes, kori bustards, capped whater, fischer’s sparrow lark, red capped lark, superb starling, rufous tailed, Hildebrandt’s spurfowl, white eyed slaty flycatcher, black headed heron, yellow billed oxpecker, Eastern double-collared sunbird, lesser flamingos, yellow wagtails, saddle billed storks and many others.

When to visit Ngorongoro Conservation area.

Tourists can choose to visit in Ngorongoro conservation area at anytime during the year however, the dry season is considered to be the best time as to when individuals should visit around this area which is always between months of May to October because it is during period of time when less rainfalls are received and the grass vegetation is always short which makes the game viewing easy for individuals. In addition, the roads are always dry which also makes it easy for hiking hence making a safari as a successful one.

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